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Matlab Script FAST Calibration v1.0

  • Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ
  • 2018
  • Matlab Script FAST Calibration v1.0
  • 10.5880/wsm.2018.003
  • World Stress Map
  • geomechanical-numerical model
  • in-situ stress
  • modelling tool
  • stress
  • model calibration
  • stress tensor calibration
  • The 3D geomechanical-numerical modelling of the in-situ stress state requires observed stress information at reference locations within the model area to be compared to the modelled stress state. This comparison of stress states and the ensuing adaptation of the displacement boundary conditions provide a best fit stress state in the entire model region that is based on the available stress information. This process is also referred to as calibration. Depending on the amount of available information and the complexity of the model the calibration is a lengthy process of trial-and-error modelling and analysis. The Fast Automatic Stress Tensor Calibration (FAST Calibration) is a method and a Matlab script that facilitates and speeds up the calibration process that has been developed in the framework of the World Stress Map (WSM, Heidbach et al., 2010; 2016). The method requires only three model scenarios with different boundary conditions. The modelled stress states at the locations of the observed stress state are extracted. Then they are used to compute the displacement boundary conditions that are required in order to achieve the best fit of the modelled to the observed stress state. Furthermore, the influence of the individual observed stress information on the resulting stress state can be weighted. The FAST-Calibration (Fast Automatic Stress Tensor Calibration) is a Matlab tool that controls the statistical calibration of a 3D geomechanical-numerical model of the stress state following the approach described by Reiter and Heidbach (2014), Hergert et al. (2015), and Ziegler et al. (2016). It is mainly designed to support the multi-stage modelling procedure presented by Ziegler et al. (2016). However, it can also be used for the calibration of a single-stage model. The tools run in Matlab 2017a and higher and are meant to work with the visualization software Tecplot 360 EX 2015 R2 and higher ( in conjunction with the Tecplot 360 Add-on GeoStress (Stromeyer and Heidbach, 2017). The user should be familiar with 3D geomechanical-numerical modelling, Matlab, Tecplot 360 EX, including a basic knowledge of Tecplot 360 EX macro functions, and the Tecplot 360 EX Add-on GeoStress. This FAST Calibration manual provides an overview of the scripts and is designed to help the user to adapt the scripts for their own needs.
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