GEMET Keywords

Keywords from the GEMET Thesaurus ( GEneral Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus ).

Reference: : "[...]GEMET, the GEneral Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus, has been developed as an indexing, retrieval and control tool for the European Topic Centre on Catalogue of Data Sources (ETC/CDS) and the European Environment Agency (EEA), Copenhagen. The work has been carried out through a contract between the EEA and the ETC/CDS which is led by the Ministry of the Environment of Lower Saxony, includes members of Germany, Austria, Italy, Sweden and benefits of the collaboration of other member countries of the European Union (EU), as well as of UNEP Infoterra.[...]"


Note on GEMET usage:

For the current WDCOSF-Demonstrator we omitted GEMET-Themes and GEMET-Supergroups and used only a subset of GEMET-Groups of the GEMET-Thesaurus in SKOS-Format, as dowloadable from Date of Download: 01.07.2017. For use in the context of WDCOSF, we only kept the english labels and descriptions.

GENERAL Note: Please note that we are using the respective vocabularies essentially as they are provided from the respective maintainers. IN NO CASE we made conceptual changes like e.g. reordering of hierarchical relations (even if in some rare cases we thought it would make sense). So if you find questionable relations when browsing through the respective vocabularies, please send a message to the respective maintainers.