UAT vocabulary Updated to Version 2.0

The UAT Thesuarus Vocabulary used in WDCOSF has been updated to Version UAT-2.0 (original release date 2017-01-31). The vocabulary mappings of WDCOSF have also been updated accordingly.

Following is an excerpt from the original release notes, concerning the changes in UAT 2.0 (see: ):

"Overview of Changes

  • The UAT was switched from descriptive, human readable concept identifiers to numeric identifiers. This is a rather significant change, and included in the source code download for this version is a mapping from previous identifiers to new identifiers.
  • The preferred label of 79 concepts were updated to add context, clarity, and consistency.
  • 16 new concepts were added to the UAT.
  • 3 concepts were moved from one parent concept to another.
  • 9 concepts were merged into similar concepts to remove duplicates from the UAT