Data Publications

Supplement to "Opposite subduction polarity in adjacent plate segments"

  • Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ
  • 2018
  • Supplement to "Opposite subduction polarity in adjacent plate segments"
  • 10.5880/fidgeo.2018.015
  • EPOS
  • Multi-scale laboratories
  • analogue modelling results
  • analogue models of geologic processes
  • Subduction analog models
  • ananlogue models
  • double subduction system
  • trench curvature
  • This dataset contains ten movies corresponding to five analog experiments of double subduction systems with opposite polarity in adjacent plate segments. The laboratory model consists of two viscous layers of silicone putty representing the lithospheric plates, on top of a tank of syrup representing the mantle. Different setups have been designed to test the influence of the width of the plates and the initial separation between them on the resulting trench retreat velocities, deformation of plates and mantle flow. The movies show the time evolution of each experiment from the top and an oblique position of the camera (indicated by "_top" and "_ob" suffixes in the file names). Model 1 and 2 consist of two plates of 30 cm width spaced 10 cm and 0.5 cm, respectively. These models are designed to study the influence of the initial separation between plates on the dynamics of the mantle flow and plates interaction. Model 3 consists of two 20 cm wide plates with an initial separation of 0.5 cm. We use this model to show the mantle flow pattern in a double subduction system. Model 4 is composed of two 10 cm wide plates with an initial separation of 0.5 cm. This model is designed to analyze the effects of the plate width on the dynamics of the system. Finally, Model 5 is designed to study the interaction of two near subducting plates with different widths (30 cm and 10 cm wide plates). For details of the model set-up and results obtained please refer to the data description file and Peral et al. (2018).