University of Bologna

  • Largo Trombetti, 1, 40126 Bologna, Italy
  • Università degli Studi
Abstract from DBPedia
    The University of Bologna (Italian: Università di Bologna, UNIBO), founded in 1088, was the first university and is the oldest in the world. It was the first place of study to use the term universitas for the corporations of students and masters which came to define the institution, located in Bologna, Italy. As of 2013, the University's crest carries the motto Alma mater studiorum and the date A.D. 1088. The University has about 85,500 students in its 11 schools. It has campuses in Ravenna, Forlì, Cesena and Rimini and a branch center abroad in Buenos Aires. It also has a school of excellence named Collegio Superiore di Bologna. An associate publisher of the University of Bologna is Bononia University Press S.p.A. (BUP).

    ボローニャ大学(イタリア語:Alma mater studiorum - Università di Bologna、略号:UNIBO)は、イタリアのボローニャに所在する大学である。ヨーロッパ最古の総合大学(cf. 世界最古の一覧#学問所)であり、規模においてイタリア国内第2位の大学でもある。世界の大学の原点とされ、「母なる大学」とも雅称される。