General chemistry

  • general chemistry
  • The study of the elements and the compounds they form.
Abstract from DBPedia
    General chemistry (sometimes referred to as "gen chem") is offered by colleges and universities as an introductory level chemistry course usually taken by students during their first year. The course is usually run with a concurrent lab section that gives students an opportunity to experience a laboratory environment and carry out experiments with the material learned in the course. These labs can consist of acid-base titrations, kinetics, equilibrium reactions, and electrochemical reactions. Chemistry majors as well as students across STEM majors such as biology, biochemistry, biomedicine, physics, and engineering are usually required to complete one year of general chemistry as well.

    一般化学(いっぱんかがく、英語:general chemistry)とは、化学教育における教科もしくはその教科書の名称である。無機、有機を問わず広く化学の基礎知識一般を扱い、高校化学の断片的な知識を体系化して大学の化学へと橋渡しする。 この用語の起源はオストワルトが用いたallgemeine Chemieに始まると考えられており、オストワルト著一般化学教科書(1885‐87)、ライナス・ポーリング著一般化学(1947)など、一般化学の語を冠した化学教科書も多い。