Vocabulary Mapping Algorithm updated

The algorithm for the alignment of the 3 vocabularies ESPAS, SPASE and GCMD Science Keywords has been updated.


The connection <skos:relatedMatch> between Concepts has been implemented by means of the following heuristics:

  • Substring matches for single term-concepts, if the substring matches at the beginning and is at least of length 3 (e.g. "spase:Ion" and "espas:Ionosonde")
  • Single term matches within multi-term-concepts if in addition there is at least a partial term match between the respective direct parent-Concepts <skos:broader> (e.g. "spase:Scintillation Detector" and "espas:GNSS Scintillation Receiver" )


In total there are now 149 <skos:closeMatch>  and 363 <skos:relatedMatch> connections between the 3 vocabularies.

Since the alignment algorithm is fully automatic and still at an early experimental stage, please send us a note if you find any false positives. Thank you