Update of GCMD Keywords

The keywords from the Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) included in the WDCOSF Vocabulary Broker System were updated and expanded using the downloadable SKOS files available from http://gcmdservices.gsfc.nasa.gov/static/kms/ (date of download: 2016-07-15).

Incorporated into the WDCOSF Vocabulary Broker System are now:

  • GCMD Science and Services keywords
  • GCMD Platforms keywords
  • GCMD Instruments keywords
  • GCMD Locations keywords
  • GCMD Providers keywords
  • GCMD Chronostratigraphic Units keywords
  • GCMD Projects keywords


The original SKOS files from GCMD were slightly modified with respect to formal aspects for better match and consistency with the ESPAS and SPASE keywords:


  • Adaption of upper and lower case notation of the keywords in <skos:prefLabel> and <skos:altLabel>
  • Modifcation of the direct child-Concepts of the Concepts 'EARTH SCIENCE' and 'EARTH SCIENCE SERVICES' in the original GCMD Science Keywords file into <skos:ConceptScheme> , i.e. within the WDCOSF Vocabulary Broker System , the Concepts Agriculture or Sun-Earth-Interactions are SKOS-ConceptSchemes
  • Within the GCMD Projects keyword file Concepts like 'A - C' or 'D - F' and the respective <skos:broader> and <skos:narrower> relations were removed, because this kind of alphabetic structuring has no special meaning and is not needed within the WDCOSF Vocabulary Broker System.


No other modifications with respect to content and hierarchical order were made


Note: The GCMD Projects keywords are, unlike the other GCMD keywords, not separately browsable but they are searchable and - if applicable - connected by <skos:relatedMatch> with metadata keywords from SPASE or ESPAS.