• SPASE Qualifier
  • Characterizes the refinement to apply to a type or attribute of a quantity. Allowed Values: Anisotropy Array Average Characteristic Circular Column Component Component.I Component.J Component.K Core Cross Spectrum Deviation Differential Direction Direction Angle Direction Angle.Azimuth Angle Direction Angle.Elevation Angle Direction Angle.Polar Angle Directional Field-Aligned Fit Group Halo Integral Integral.Area Integral.Bandwidth Integral.Solid Angle Line Of Sight Linear Magnitude Maximum Median Minimum Moment Parallel Peak Perpendicular Perturbation Phase Phase Angle Projection Projection.IJ Projection.IK Projection.JK Pseudo Ratio Scalar Spectral Standard Deviation Stoke's Parameters Strahl Superhalo Symmetric Tensor Total Trace Uncertainty Variance Vector