Observed region

  • SPASE Observed Region
  • The portion of space measured by the instrument at the time of an observation. A region is distinguished by certain natural features or physical characteristics. It is the location of the observatory for in situ data, the location or region sensed by remote sensing observatories and the location-of-relevance for parameters that are derived from observational data. Allowed Values: Asteroid Comet Earth Earth.Magnetosheath Earth.Magnetosphere Earth.Magnetosphere.Magnetotail Earth.Magnetosphere.Main Earth.Magnetosphere.Polar Earth.Magnetosphere.Radiation Belt Earth.Near Surface Earth.Near Surface.Atmosphere Earth.Near Surface.Auroral Region Earth.Near Surface.Equatorial Region Earth.Near Surface.Ionosphere Earth.Near Surface.Ionosphere.D-Region Earth.Near Surface.Ionosphere.E-Region Earth.Near Surface.Ionosphere.F-Region Earth.Near Surface.Ionosphere.Topside Earth.Near Surface.Mesosphere Earth.Near Surface.Plasmasphere Earth.Near Surface.Polar Cap Earth.Near Surface.South Atlantic Anomaly Region Earth.Near Surface.Stratosphere Earth.Near Surface.Thermosphere Earth.Near Surface.Troposphere Earth.Surface Heliosphere Heliosphere.Heliosheath Heliosphere.Inner Heliosphere.Near Earth Heliosphere.Outer Heliosphere.Remote 1AU Interstellar Jupiter Mars Mercury Neptune Pluto Saturn Sun Sun.Chromosphere Sun.Corona Sun.Interior Sun.Photosphere Sun.Transition Region Uranus Venus