• sorption
  • The taking up, usually, of a liquid or gas into the body of another material (the absorbent). Thus, for instance, an air pollutant may be removed by absorption in a suitable solvent.
Abstract from DBPedia
    Sorption is a physical and chemical process by which one substance becomes attached to another. Specific cases of sorption are treated in the following articles: Absorption"the incorporation of a substance in one state into another of a different state" (e.g., liquids being absorbed by a solid or gases being absorbed by a liquid);AdsorptionThe physical adherence or bonding of ions and molecules onto the surface of another phase (e.g., reagents adsorbed to a solid catalyst surface);Ion exchangeAn exchange of ions between two electrolytes or between an electrolyte solution and a complex. The reverse of sorption is desorption.

    ガス吸収(がすきゅうしゅう、英: gas absorption)とは、気体原料と液体分離剤を接触させ、溶質ガスを液体へ移動させる操作である。 溶質ガスが物理的に溶解する場合を物理吸収、酸性ガスをアルカリ溶液で処理するなど化学反応を利用する場合を化学吸収という。 また、ガス吸収とは逆に原料液中の揮発成分をガス中に追い出す操作を放散という。