• planning
  • The act of making a detailed scheme for attaining an objective.
Abstract from DBPedia
    Planning is the process of thinking regarding the activities required to achieve a desired goal. Planning is based on foresight, the fundamental capacity for mental time travel. The evolution of forethought, the capacity to think ahead, is considered to have been a prime mover in human evolution. Planning is a fundamental property of intelligent behavior. It involves the use of logic and imagination to visualise not only a desired end result, but the steps necessary to achieve that result. An important aspect of planning is its relationship to forecasting. Forecasting aims to predict what the future will look like, while planning imagines what the future could look like. Planning according to established principles is a core part of many professional occupations, particularly in fields such as management and business. Once a plan has been developed it is possible to measure and assess progress, efficiency and effectiveness. As circumstances change, plans may need to be modified or even abandoned.

    企画(きかく)とは、議論の過程の一つで特に単発的な新規の事柄を計画することや、その議論によって行われる催し物(イベント)。 その動作は「企画する」と動詞形で呼ばれる。人数は1人または複数人で行われる。 企画を専門に行う部門を持つ会社もあるほどである。