• mutant
  • An individual bearing an allele that has undergone mutation and is expressed in the phenotype.
Abstract from DBPedia
    In biology, and especially in genetics, a mutant is an organism or a new genetic character arising or resulting from an instance of mutation, which is generally an alteration of the DNA sequence of the genome or chromosome of an organism. It is a characteristic that would not be observed naturally in a specimen. The term mutant is also applied to a virus with an alteration in its nucleotide sequence whose genome is in the nuclear genome. The natural occurrence of genetic mutations is integral to the process of evolution. The study of mutants is an integral part of biology; by understanding the effect that a mutation in a gene has, it is possible to establish the normal function of that gene.

    ミュータント(mutant)とは、突然変異体の事を指す英語である。 日本語で外来語として用いられる場合は、人為的、天変地異などの超自然現象によって引き起こされた突然変異体を指す場合が多く、サイエンス・フィクションでしばしば用いられる言葉となっている。 「en:Mutant (fictional)」も参照