Hydrochloric acid

  • hydrochloric acid
  • A solution of hydrogen chloride gas in water; a poisonous, pungent liquid forming a constant-boiling mixture at 20% concentration in water; widely used as a reagent, in organic synthesis, in acidizing oil wells, ore reduction, food processing, and metal cleaning and pickling. Also known as muriatic acid.
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Abstract from DBPedia
    Hydrochloric acid, also known as muriatic acid, is an aqueous solution of hydrogen chloride. It is a colorless solution with a distinctive pungent smell. It is classified as a strong acid. It is a component of the gastric acid in the digestive systems of most animal species, including humans. Hydrochloric acid is an important laboratory reagent and industrial chemical.

    塩酸(えんさん)とは塩化水素の水溶液であり強酸の一種である。オランダ語Zoutzuur或いはドイツ語Salzsäureの直訳。本来は塩化水素酸と呼ぶべきものだが、歴史的な経緯から酸素を含む酸と同じように、塩酸と呼ばれている。 無色の液体で独特な辛い匂いがする。人間を含むほとんどの動物の消化器系において塩酸は胃酸の成分となっている。塩酸は重要な実験用試薬および工業用化学物質とされている。

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