• dating
  • Any of several techniques such as radioactive dating, dendrochronology, or varve dating, for establishing the age of rocks, palaeontological or archaeological specimens, etc.
Abstract from DBPedia
    Dating is a stage of romantic relationships in which two individuals engage in an activity together, most often with the intention of evaluating each other's suitability as a partner in a future intimate relationship. It falls into the category of courtship, consisting of social events carried out by the couple either alone or with others. The protocols and practices of dating and the terms used to describe it vary vastly between cultures, societies, and time periods. Although dating is most often colloquially used to refer to the action of individuals engaging in dates with one other, dating can also encompass a wide range of activities which fall outside participation in social events. The meaning of dating also shifted during the 20th century to include a more informal use referring to a romantic, sexual relationship itself beyond an introductory or trial stage. Although informal, this meaning is very common and is used in formal speech as well as writing. Although taboo across most of the world for much of history, premarital sex has become increasingly common within the last century, beginning with the onset of the sexual revolution. Across a greater number of portrayals in film, television, and music, sex within dating has become increasingly accepted as a natural progression of the relationship.

    デート(英語:dating)は、交際中又は互いに恋愛的な展開を期待していて、日時や場所を決めて会うこと。 どちらか片方でも相手を完全な友達(親友)として認識している場合など、約束の段階で既に「恋愛的な展開を期待していたのは片方だけ」という場合、デートではないとされる。相思相愛の男女が人目を避けて会うことは逢い引き(あいびき)とも言われる。ただし、概説にもある通り恋愛に関係なく個人間の親密な約束事に付き合いを称してデートとすることもある。