Chemical oxygen demand

  • chemical oxygen demand
  • The quantity of oxygen used in biological and non-biological oxidation of materials in water; a measure of water quality.
Abstract from DBPedia
    In environmental chemistry, the chemical oxygen demand (COD) is an indicative measure of the amount of oxygen that can be consumed by reactions in a measured solution. It is commonly expressed in mass of oxygen consumed over volume of solution which in SI units is milligrams per litre (mg/L). A COD test can be used to easily quantify the amount of organics in water. The most common application of COD is in quantifying the amount of oxidizable pollutants found in surface water (e.g. lakes and rivers) or wastewater. COD is useful in terms of water quality by providing a metric to determine the effect an effluent will have on the receiving body, much like biochemical oxygen demand (BOD).

    化学的酸素要求量(かがくてきさんそようきゅうりょう、COD, Chemical Oxygen Demand)とは、水中の被酸化性物質を酸化するために必要とする酸素量で示したものである。代表的な水質の指標の一つであり、酸素消費量とも呼ばれる。