• METART originated out of the need to provide FAO staff with simple and effortless access to the data available in the archives of the ARTEMIS and AGROMET groups of the FAO Environment and Natural Resources Service, SDRN. Software tools are available that allow for the display and analysis of raster images on a PC platform, such as IDA and WinDisp, but the use of these tools do require some effort to install and to learn. By making use of Web technology the user requirements have been limited to the availability of a simple browser. All the image display functions are handled by the server, through an interface with WinDisp. Note, however, that for full analysis and image manipulation on-line access to the digital data, which is available only internally to FAO, and the use of WinDisp or similar software is still required. Website: "http://metart.fao.org/"
  • METART, Environment, Sustainable Development Department, Food and Agriculture Organization, United Nations