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  • The International Potato Center (known worldwide by its Spanish acronym, CIP) seeks to reduce poverty and achieve food security on a sustained basis in developing countries through scientific research and related activities on potato, sweetpotato, other root and tuber crops, and on the improved management of natural resources in the Andes and other mountain areas. CIP headquarters are in La Molina, outside of Lima, Peru?s capital, in an irrigated coastal valley. CIP also has experimental stations in Huancayo in the high Andes and in San Ram?n on the eastern, rainforest-covered slopes, taking advantage of Peru?s varied geography and climate. The Center has another high Andes experiment station in Quito, Ecuador, and a worldwide network of regional offices and collaborators. CIP has recruited an international team of scientists from 25 countries, supported by nationally recruited staff. In its first year of operation, CIP was funded by five donors. Today, the Center?s budget is underwritten by more than 40 donors. CIP is a Future Harvest Center and receives its principal funding from 58 governments, private foundations and international and regional organizations knows as the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). Future Harvest builds awareness and support for food and environmental research for a world with less poverty, a healthier human family, well-nourished children and a better environment. Future Harvest supports research, promotes partnerships and sponsors projects that bring the results of research to rural communities, farmers and families in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Website: "" [Summary provided by the CIP]
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