Agricultural engineering

  • Agricultural Engineering
  • The design, construction, and use of agricultural implements and buildings; soil and water management; rural use of electricity; and processing of agricultural products. 
Abstract from DBPedia
    Agricultural engineering, also known as agricultural and biosystems engineering, is the field of study and application of engineering science and designs principles for agriculture purposes, combining the various disciplines of mechanical, civil, electrical, food science, environmental, software, and chemical engineering to improve the efficiency of farms and agribusiness enterprises as well as to ensure sustainability of natural and renewable resources. An agricultural engineer is an engineer with an agriculture background. Agricultural engineers make the engineering designs and plans in an agricultural project, usually in partnership with an agriculturist who is more proficient in farming and agricultural science.

    農業工学(のうぎょうこうがく、英語: agricultural engineering)とは、農学の一分野で、農業に関する課題について、土木工学や機械工学を応用して研究する学問。


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