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  • INSAT-3D carries a 19 channel sounder, this is the first such payload to be flown on an ISRO satellite mission. The Sounder has eighteen narrow spectral channels in shortwave, infrared, middle infrared and long wave infrared regions and one channel in the visible region. It will provide information on the vertical profiles of temperature, humidity and integrated ozone. These profiles are available for a selected region over Indian landmass every one hour and for the entire Indian Ocean Region every six hours. Group: Instrument_Details Entry_ID: 3D-SOUNDER Group: Instrument_Identification Instrument_Category: INSAT-3D Sounder End_Group Group: Associated_Platforms Short_Name: INSAT-3D End_Group Group: Spectral_Frequency_Information Wavelength_Keyword: INFRARED > THERMAL Number_Channels: 18 Spectral_Frequency_Coverage_Range: 3.70-14.70 Spectral_Frequency_Resolution: 0.20 End_Group Group: Spectral_Frequency_Information Wavelength_Keyword: VISIBLE Number_Channels: 1 Spectral_Frequency_Coverage_Range: 0.65-0.75 Spectral_Frequency_Resolution: 0.10 End_Group Online_Resource: Creation_Date: 2014-06-12 Group: Instrument_Logistics Instrument_Start_Date: 2013-10-01 Instrument_Owner: ISRO End_Group End_Group