• ICSU/SCAR/Antabif
  • Funded by the Belgian Science Policy Office, ANTABIF is building an innovative Antarctic biodiversity data portal, giving access to a distributed network of contributing database, according to the principles of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility. It is building a new data discovery tool using two complementary networks and will expand these by using an advanced technical architecture, capable of linking with many potential data resources. ANTABIF integrates SCAR-MarBIN (Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research - Marine Biodiversity Information Network), with the biodiversity databases managed by the Australian Antarctic Division, bringing together data from marine and terrestrial realms. ANTABIF is the data management tool and repository for the biodiversity-related research conducted at the Princess Elisabeth Station. ANTABIF will use the best available technology to integrate, share and disseminate all available information on Antarctic Biodiversity. Its implementation by the Belgian Biodiversity Platform ascertains that ANTABIF can take advantage of the relevant experience of the Belgian GBIF node. ANTABIF is steered by an International Steering Committee composed of selected experts in the field of Polar biodiversity. [Summary provided by the Antarctic Biodiversity Information Facility]
  • Antarctic Biodiversity Information Facility, Marine Biodiversity Information Network, Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, International Council for Science