• The Global Emissions Inventory Activity (GEIA) was created in 1990 to develop and distribute global emissions inventories of gases and aerosols emitted into the atmosphere from natural and anthropogenic (human-caused) sources. The long-term goal is to develop inventories of all trace species that are involved in global atmospheric chemistry. GEIA's mission is to provide high quality data and information for timely, relevant assessments. The requirements for a data set to be accepted as a GEIA data base include substantial peer review as reflected by acceptance for journal publication and agreement among the individual GEIA project teams. To ensure that the best available data can be easily accessed by users, GEIA provides links to "pre-GEIA" data for projects that do not yet have a formal GEIA data base and projects where the formal GEIA data need to be updated. These interim pre-GEIA data and data requiring updates have not yet undergone the formal GEIA review requirements. To enhance development and distribution of the highest quality information, GEIA also facilitates communication with other related data base and assessment activities by providing links to these activities. GEIA's mission will be expanding to be more responsive to the needs of the global research and assessment community as a result of the 2003 planning. Website: "http://www.geiacenter.org/" [Summary provided by GEIA.]
  • Global Emissions Inventory Activity, International Global Atmospheric Chemistry, International Geosphere-Biosphere Program