• WDC/CR
  • World Data Center for Cosmic Rays was established in 1957, as a part of the activity of the International Geophysical Year (IGY) , at the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) to provide with database of cosmic-ray neutron observations in unified formats. The WDC was moved to the Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory (STELAB), Nagoya University, in 1991, and data-management works for the WDC were performed through the collaboration between the STELAB and the Department of Environmental Sciences, Ibaraki University, since 1993. In July 2009, whole activities of the WDC have been moved to the STELAB. This home page is temporally prepared to open our database in a limited manner. Our database includes world-wide cosmic-ray neutron observations (pressure-corrected 1 hour counts) since 1953. We have opened data in two formats; one is 4096-byte “longformat” data and the other one is 80-byte “cardformat” data. Since the “cardformat” data are prepared only for quick check of data, the “longformat” data, which include information for data usage (constant, factors, etc), should be used for research works. PS files (compressed) of yearly plots are also available.
  • World Data Center for Cosmic Rays