• GIS in the Baltic began to expand in use only after independence in 1991. Only a few GIS laboratories were established during the Soviet occupation. After 1991, many new university laboratories, as well as some private firms that dealt with GIS topics, were established. Most of them were involved in international projects that covered the Baltic Sea region. The demand for GIS products and specialists in business is growing day by day. There is still much work required for higher educational establishments in GIS in the respective countries. This paper is mostly focused on GIS development and teaching in Latvia. Some of the most significant international projects that deal with GIS and higher education are covered as well. Summary provided by: http://www.ncgia.ucsb.edu/conf/gishe96/program/kalviskis/kalviskis.html
  • Baltic Sea Region,Global Resource Information Database - Arendal, Norway, United Nations Environment Programme