• Salinity
  • How salty the water is. Brine has a very high salinity. Fresh water has a salinity of zero.
Abstract from DBPedia
    Salinity (/səˈlɪnɪti/) is the saltiness or amount of salt dissolved in a body of water, called saline water (see also soil salinity). It is usually measured in g/L or g/kg (grams of salt per liter/kilogram of water; the latter is dimensionless and equal to ‰). Salinity is an important factor in determining many aspects of the chemistry of natural waters and of biological processes within it, and is a thermodynamic state variable that, along with temperature and pressure, governs physical characteristics like the density and heat capacity of the water. A contour line of constant salinity is called an isohaline, or sometimes isohale.

    塩分濃度(えんぶんのうど、英: salinity)は、水に溶けている塩(えん)の量である。ここで言う「塩分」とは、塩化ナトリウム(NaCl) だけでなく、硫酸マグネシウム(MgSO4) や硫酸カルシウム(CaSO4)そして炭酸水素塩などの塩類を含める場合が多い。 オーストラリアや北アメリカでは、この語が往々にして土壌に含まれる塩分を示唆し得る。


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