• PRISM provides the Earth System Modelling community with a forum to promote shared software infrastructure tools. The ever increasing complexity of Earth System Models and computing facilities is a heavy technical burden on the research teams developing them. The goal of PRISM is to help share the development, maintenance and support of standards and state-of-the-art software tools to assemble, run, and analyse the results of Earth System Models based on component models (ocean, atmosphere, land surface, etc..) developed in the different climate research centres in Europe and elsewhere. PRISM is organised as a distributed network of experts who contribute to five "PRISM Areas of Expertise" (PAE): Code coupling and I/O, Integration and modelling environments, Data processing, visualisation and management, Meta-data, and Computing issues. PRISM was initially funded as a project under the European Union's Framework Programme V (2001-2004) and its long term support is now ensured by multi-institute funding via the PRISM Support Initiative (PSI). Summary provided by http://prism.enes.org/
  • Programme for Integrated Earth System ModellingEuropean Network for Earth System Modelling