• Balloons/Rockets
  • Balloons : a nonporous bag of light material that can be inflated especially with air or gas. A bag that is filled with heated air or a gas lighter than air so as to rise and float in the atmosphere and that usually carries a suspended load (as a gondola with passengers). Rockets: A jet engine that operates on the same principle as the firework rocket, consists essentially of a combustion chamber and an exhaust nozzle, carries either liquid or solid propellants which provide the fuel and oxygen needed for combustion and thus make the engine independent of the oxygen of the air, and is used especially for the propulsion of a missile (as a bomb or shell) or a vehicle (as an airplane). A rocket-propelled bomb, missile, projectile, or vehicle. Group: Platform_Details Entry_ID: Balloons/Rockets Group: Platform_Identification Platform_Category: Balloons/Rockets Short_Name: Balloons/Rockets End_Group End_Group