Instrument type

  • SPASE Instrument Type
  • A characterization of an integrated collection of software and hardware containing one or more sensors and associated controls used to produce data on an environment. Allowed Values: Antenna Channeltron Coronograph Double Sphere Dust Detector Electron Drift Instrument Electrostatic Analyser Energetic Particle Instrument Faraday Cup Flux Feedback Fourier Transform Spectrograph Geiger-Mueller Tube Imager Imaging Spectrometer Interferometer Ion Chamber Ion Drift Langmuir Probe Long Wire Magnetometer Mass Spectrometer Microchannel Plate Multispectral Imager Neutral Atom Imager Neutral Particle Detector Particle Correlator Particle Detector Photometer Photopolarimeter Platform Proportional Counter Quadrispherical Analyser Radar Radiometer Resonance Sounder Retarding Potential Analyser Riometer Scintillation Detector Search Coil Sounder Spacecraft Potential Control Spectral Power Receiver Spectrometer Time Of Flight Unspecified Waveform Receiver