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Batelle Wind Energy Summaries

  • Batelle Wind Energy Summaries
  • NCAR_DS816.0
  • Zengerle, R. and W.R. Barchet, 1982: A Statistical Analysis of Tape Deck 1440 Data for Wind Resource Assessment. , Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratory, Richland, WA 99352, 41 pp..
  • Statistical data from a world-wide wind energy resource assessment is provided for a selection of stations in Central and South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. The input data span the period from 1902 to 1978, but the input period of record for each station is highly variable. The statistics include average wind speed and wind power density by season and annually. Wind speed frequencies, covariances of wind speed and direction, and wind power densities are provided for 22 Wyoming stations as part of a separate wind resource assessment. The input period for this study is approximately 1938-1978.
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