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SeaWinds QuikSCAT Scatterometer Ocean Winds from Remote Sensing Systems

  • SeaWinds QuikSCAT Scatterometer Ocean Winds from Remote Sensing Systems
  • NCAR_DS744.3
  • The SeaWinds instrument on the QuikSCAT satellite is a specialized radar that measures near-surface wind speed and direction at a 25 km resolution. This instrument has been measuring winds over approximately 90% of the ice-free ocean since 19 July 1999. These data were prepared by Remote Sensing Systems (RSS). A new geophysical model function, called Ku-2001, was used in this version of the dataset and is considered an improvement over the earlier Ku-2000 and the old NSCAT-2 functions because of more accurate retrievals of high winds (greater than 30 m/s). The dataset time series ends in June 2002, however, continuing data are available from RSS. Many more details concerning the Ku-2001 data are available from the RSS website []. These data are also directly available from RSS. Notice 07/28/2006: JPL PO.DAAC has initiated reprocessing of all ADEOS-II and QuikSCAT data with superior algorithms for retrievals in high wind speed and light rain areas. This reprocessing could effect this dataset. More information is available at JPL PO.DAAC [].
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