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NSCAT Scatterometer Ocean Winds, Level 2

  • NSCAT Scatterometer Ocean Winds, Level 2
  • NCAR_DS744.1
  • NASA Scatterometer (NSCAT) global ocean surface winds are determined from sigma-naught backscatter. JPL has provided the data, and the satellite provided only a short archive (September 1996 to June 1997) before failure. The near surface wind speeds were determined with the NSCAT-1 model function. Several forms of NSCAT data are available. * Level 2B orbit swath data. * 0.5-degree by 0.5-degree twice daily gridded fields, 75S to 75N. * In July 1998 a collection of 11 CDROMs containing the Level 2 (50 km), Level 3 (daily average), and Level 2 (25 km) NSCAT were received and archived in the DSS CDROM collection. These CDROMs have a full collection of documentation, read access software, browse images, and ancillary information.
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