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NCEP 51-year Hydrological Reanalysis

  • NCEP 51-year Hydrological Reanalysis
  • NCAR_DS607.0
  • Fan,Y., H.van den Dool, D. Lohmann, and K. Mitchell, 2006: 1948-1998 US hydrological reanalysis of the Noah Land Data Assimilation System. J. Climate, Vol. 19, 1214-1237. J. Climate, 19, 1214-1237.
  • A 51-year hydrological reanalysis between 1948 and 1998 over the continental US was recently completed at Climate Prediction Center of NCEP, NOAA. The project used Noah land surface model (LSM) with forcing data regridded from NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis data and the new CPC daily and hourly precipitation data. The best available orography, soil and vegetation types, etc. are used as the boundary conditions of this study. The output fields include all components of energy, water mass balance, snow cover and depth, and 4 layers of soil temperature, moisture (both liquid and frozen) below the ground. Three types of data files are archived in this dataset. They include the restart files, the forcing fields to run the Noah Land Surface Model, and the output files from the 1948-1998 runs. The daily restarting files and the hourly forcing fields are stored on NCAR's High Performance Storage System (HPSS) only. You can find the Noah LSM used in this study here [].
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