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CDIAC U.S. Historical Sunshine Observations, 1891-1984

  • CDIAC U.S. Historical Sunshine Observations, 1891-1984
  • NCAR_DS565.1
  • Steurer, P.M. and T.R. Karl, 1991: Historical Sunshine and Cloud Data in the United States. ORNL/CDIAC-43, Carbon Dioxide Research Program, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN, 99 pp..
  • This dataset contains sunshine data for 240 U.S. stations (including Puerto Rico and nine Pacific islands) for the years from 1891 to 1984. The periods of record for individual stations varies widely with only 49 (20%) stations having periods of at least 90 years. However, 192 stations (80%) have periods of at least 30 years. In addition to the total monthly and annual measurements of sunshine duration, total monthly and annual maximum possible sunshine duration and monthly and annual percentages of possible sunshine duration are also provided.
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