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Russian River Flow Data by Bodo, Enhanced

  • Russian River Flow Data by Bodo, Enhanced
  • NCAR_DS553.2
  • Monthly river flow rates for Russia and former Soviet Union countries in ds553.1 are augmented with data from the Russian State Hydrological Institute (RSHI) and a few sites from the Global Hydroclimatic Data Network (GHCDN) . This compendium (v1.1 September 2001) includes 2458 gauges spanning all major river and oceanographic basins of the entire former Soviet Union. Exact dates vary by station. See the inventories [] for detailed information. Records are generally long: mean length is 36.3 years and 1,724 (70%) gauges have 25 or more years of data. 1,373 gauges have data to 1985 and another 909 gauges also have some data from 1986-1995. 640 gauges represent watersheds of 10,000 or more square kilometers, and 1,055 gauges represent catchments of 1,000-9,999 square kilometers. The RSHI additions have not been scrutinized as rigorously as ds553.1.
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