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GISS Climate Model Outputs for Carbon Dioxide Studies

  • GISS Climate Model Outputs for Carbon Dioxide Studies
  • NCAR_DS318.4
  • Hansen, J., Fung, I., Lacis A., Rind, D., Lebedeff, S., Ruedy, R., Russel, G., and Stone, P., 1988: Global Climate Changes as Forecast by Goddard Institute for Space Studies Three-Dimensional Model. J. Geophys. Res., 93, 9341-9364. Hansen, J., G. Russell, D. Rind, P. Stone, A. Lacis, S. Lebedeff, R. Ruedy and L. Travis, 1983: Efficient Three-Dimensional Global Models for Climate Studies: Models I and II. Mon. Wea. Rev., 3(4), 609-662.
  • This dataset contains outputs from climate models at the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) for use in assessing the impact of increased atmospheric CO2 concentrations on the global climate. A global equilibrium run (1XCO2 and 2XCO2) was made in 1984. A 100-year transient run and two scenario runs (exponential trace gas growth and reduced linear trace gas growth) were made sometime in the mid-1980s. Monthly means and 10-year monthly, seasonal, and annual climatologies are available for numerous parameters, depending on the specific model run, but most parameters are only available at the surface.
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