Data Publications

Global Ocean Surface Temperature Atlas (GOSTA), and Land Surface Atlas

  • Global Ocean Surface Temperature Atlas (GOSTA), and Land Surface Atlas
  • NCAR_DS289.1
  • Parker, D.E. and C.K. Folland, 1995: Correction of instrumental biases in historical sea surface temperature data. Quart. J. Roy. Meteor. Soc., 121, 319-367. Parker, D.E., C.K. Folland and M. Jackson, 1995: Marine surface temperature: observed variations and data requirements. Climate Change, 31, 559-600. Jones, P.D., 1994: Hemispheric Surface Air Temperature Variations: A Reanalysis and an Update to 1993. J. Climate, 7(11), 1794-1802. Parker, D.E., P.D. Jones, C.K. Folland and A. Bevan, 1994: Interdecadal changes of surface temperature since the late nineteenth century. J. Geophys. Res., 99, 14373-14399.
  • GOSTAplus (Atlas 8) and the Blended Land Surface and SST Atlas were taked from the GOSTAplus CDROM received at NCAR February 1998. The period of record for these grids is 1851-1995. The sea and land surface temperature portions of this data collection, which span 1856 to 1995, have in general been superseded by continued developments of HadISST (DS277.3) [], and Jones' Monthly Global Surface Temperature (DS215.0) [].
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