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Subsurface Temperature And Salinity Analyses

  • Subsurface Temperature And Salinity Analyses
  • NCAR_DS285.3
  • Ishii, M., M. Kimoto, K. Sakamoto, and S. I. Iwasaki, 2006: Steric sea level changes estimated from historical ocean subsurface temperature and salinity analyses. J. Oceanography, 62(2), 155-170, URL: Ishii, M., A. Shouji, S. Sugimoto, and T. Matsumoto, 2005: Objective analyses of SST and marine meteorological variables for the 20th century using COADS and the Kobe Collection. Int. J. Climatol., 25, 865-879.
  • Monthly objectively analyzed subsurface temperature and Salinity at 24 levels in the upper 1500 meters started from 1945 and prepared by M. Ishii et al. The analysis is based on the World Ocean Database and Atlas (ds285.0 []), the Global Temperature-Salinity in the tropical Pacific from IRD (L'Institut de recherche pour le development, France, ds279.1 []), and the Centennial in situ Observation Based Estimates (COBE) sea surface temperature. Argo profiling buoy data have also been used in the final several years. The XBT depth bias correction is applied in the current version.
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