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JGOFS Biogeochemical Properties in the Ocean Mixed Layer

  • JGOFS Biogeochemical Properties in the Ocean Mixed Layer
  • NCAR_DS259.0
  • Kleypas, J.A. and S.C. Doney, 2001: Nutrients, Chlorophyll, Primary Production and Related Biogeochemical Properties in the Ocean Mixed Layer - A Compilation of Data Collected at Nine JGOFS Sites. TN-447+STR, National Center for Atmospheric Research, 55 pp..
  • Field measurements of nutrients, chlorophyll, primary production, bacteria, HPLC pigments, and other biogeochemical parameters are compiled for nine JGOFS time-series and process study sites. Data are provided both as depth profile measurements and as mixed layer averages, and were designed to facilitate regional and global ecosystem model development by providing a consistent set of observations for key JGOFS sites. Data are presented for four Time-Series locations: BATS, HOT, KERFIX, and Station P, and four U.S. JGOFS Process Study sites: Arabian Sea, Equatorial Pacific (EqPac), North Atlantic Bloom Experiment (NABE), and the U.S. Southern Ocean Survey (which includes two distinct regions: the Ross Sea and Antarctic Polar Front Zone).
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