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CONTINENT sampling positions and related projects

  • SDDB
  • 2007-03-02
  • CONTINENT sampling positions and related projects
  • 10.1594/GFZ.SDDB.1203
  • 10.1007/s10933-007-9131-0 Supplement to: Heim et al. (2008): Assembly and concept of a web-based GIS within the paleolimnological project CONTINENT (Lake Baikal, Siberia). Journal of Paleolimnology, 39 (4): 567-584.
  • Sampling positions of the EU-project CONTINENT and related projects. The co-ordinates of the sampling positions were transformed from geograpical coordinates to UTM Z48, WGS 84. * CONTINENT sampling positions (cores and field stations), 2001-2003 * BDP drill core positions, 1996-1998 * EAWAG sediment short core postions, 1996 (GEOPASS, Geochemistry, Particle Formation and Sediment Sources of Lake Baikal) * Aeolian and fluvial sediments sampling (Ph.D. project M. Zopperitsch, 2002-2003) (German Science Foundation DFG, Chemical isotopic, and mineralogical proxy data for aeolian input into the Lake Baikal system during the last 150 ka)
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