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Geochemistry of sediment core BDP-1-A (BDP93-1)

  • SDDB
  • International Continental Scientific Drilling Program
  • Baikal Drilling Project
  • 2008-08-27
  • Geochemistry of sediment core BDP-1-A (BDP93-1)
  • 10.1594/GFZ.SDDB.1133
  • Fe
  • Aluminium (%)
  • Calcium (%)
  • Magnesium (%)
  • Manganese
  • Titanium %
  • Barium
  • Cerium
  • Dysprosium
  • Erbium
  • Europium
  • Gadolinium
  • Holmium
  • Lanthanum
  • Lutetium
  • Neodymium
  • Praseodymium
  • Samarium
  • Strontium
  • Ytterbium
  • Yttrium
  • Kalium
  • Terbium
  • Thulium
  • 10.1594/PANGAEA.51678 Sawatari, H (1996): Geochemistry of sediment core BDP93-1, PANGAEA
  • Major and trace elements in the 100 m drilling core samples from Lake Baikal have been determined by ICP-AES (inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry), ICP-MS (inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry) and INAA (instrumental neutron activation analysis). In this paper, vertical distribution profiles of the determined elements are presented. Raw analytical values will be presented elsewhere. Vertical distribution patterns for Ti, Al, Fe, Mn, Ca and Pare shown in Fig.1. In the bottom surface sample (=the uppermost part of the core), the concentration of Al, Ti, Fe and Ca are relatively low and that of P is relatively high. It may indicate that relative large volume of biogenic organic substances are included in the bottom surface sample. In addition, it seems that the Mn contents are relatively low and its deviation is rather small between 60 m and 90 m from the bottom.
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