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Diatom record (in relative percentages) and the biovolume accumulation rates for VER98-1-14

  • SDDB
  • Vereshchagin 98 Expedition
  • Vereshchagin Expedition 98
  • 2006-09-15
  • Diatom record (in relative percentages) and the biovolume accumulation rates for VER98-1-14
  • 10.1594/GFZ.SDDB.1050
  • age (calendar years)
  • Chrysophyte cysts concentration (wet)
  • benthic diatoms
  • diatom valve concentration (dry)
  • dry bulk density
  • Aulacoseira baicalensis
  • Aulacoseira skvortzowii
  • Aulacoseira skvortzowii resting spore (coarse)
  • Aulacoseira skvortzowii resting spore (fine)
  • Cyclotella minuta
  • Cyclotella ornata
  • Cyclotella sp (cf operculata)
  • Stephanodiscus carconeiformis
  • Stephanodiscus flabellatus
  • Stephanodiscus formosus
  • Stephanodiscus formosus var. minor
  • Stephanodiscus grandis
  • Stephanodiscus sp. cf. planus
  • Synedra acus var. radians
  • diatom count
  • dissolution index
  • fragmentation index
  • planktonic diatoms
  • Aulacoseira baicalensis (agg.)
  • Aulacoseira skvortzowii (veg. cell)
  • Aulacoseira skvortzowii spore (coarse)
  • Aulacoseira skvortzowii spore (fine)
  • Cyclotella operculata (agg.)
  • Stephanodiscus sp. cf. flabellatus
  • Stephanodiscus sp. cf. minutulus
  • diatom accumulation rate
  • total diatom biovolume accumulation rate
  • sum selected plankton
  • 10.1016/j.gloplacha.2004.08.002 P. Rioual and A.W. Mackay, A diatom record of centennial resolution for the Kazantsevo interglacial stage in Lake Baikal (Siberia), Glob. Planet. Change 46 (2004), pp. 199–219
  • The diatom succession at Academician Ridge is similar to the one from Continent Ridge and the two records, despite having very different sampling resolution, can be easily compared on the basis of their main floristic changes (Fig. 6). BVAR at Academician Ridge is about half that of Continent Ridge. There are also marked differences in the relative abundance of some taxa. At Academician Ridge, S. grandis and A. baicalensis are more abundant and S. formosus and C. sp. cf. operculata are less abundant than at Continent Ridge. The large peak in vegetative cells of A. skvortzowii found at Continent Ridge (DAZ 2) is absent at Academician Ridge, and is the most striking difference between the two records.
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