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LSMOD.1 - Global paleomagnetic field model for 50 -- 30 ka BP

  • Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ
  • 2018
  • LSMOD.1 - Global paleomagnetic field model for 50 -- 30 ka BP
  • 10.5880/GFZ.2.3.2018.008
  • EPOS
  • multi-scale laboratories
  • software tools
  • paleomagnetic and magnetic data
  • geomagnetic excursion
  • paleomagnetic field model
  • Global spherical harmonic paleomagnetic field model LSMOD.1 describes the magnetic field evolution from 50 to 30 ka BP based on published paleomagnetic sediment records and volcanic data. The time interval includes the Laschamp (~41 ka BP) and Mono Lake (~34 ka BP) excursions. The model is given with Fortran source code to obtain spherical harmonic magnetic field coefficients for individual epochs and to obtain time series of magnetic declination, inclination and field intensity from 49.95 to 30 ka BP for any location on Earth. For details see M. Brown, M. Korte, R. Holme, I. Wardinski and S. Gunnarson (2018): Earth's magnetic field is probably not reversing. PNAS, 115, 5111-5116.
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