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TERENO (Northeast), Climate station Alt Plestlin, Germany

  • Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ
  • 2018
  • TERENO (Northeast), Climate station Alt Plestlin, Germany
  • 10.5880/TERENO.GFZ.2018.001
  • terrestrial environment
  • soil moisture
  • agricultural management
  • Durable Environmental Multidisciplinary Monitoring Information Network
  • TERENO Northeast
  • abiotic environment
  • agroindustry
  • in situ
  • point
  • scientific and technical information
  • soil moisture regime
  • TERrestrial ENvironmental Observatories
  • The Alt Plestlin climate station is part of an agrometeorological test site and aims at supplying environmental data for algorithm development in remote sensing and environmental modelling, with a focus on soil moisture and evapotranspiration.The site is intensively used for practical tests of remote sensing data integration in agricultural land management practices. First measurement infrastructure was installed by DLR in 1999 and instrumentation was intensified in 2011 and later as the site became part of the TERENO-NE observatory. The agrometeorological station Alt Plestlin was installed in 2013. It is located within an large filed, next to a water area, which is about 1m below the station and within a shallow depression. Smaller bushes are within the closer surrounding of the station. The station is equipped with sensor for measuring the following variables: WindSpeed, WindDirection, Temperature, SoiltemperatureTh3-s5cm, SoiltemperatureTh3-s50cm, SoiltemperatureTh3-s30cm, SoiltemperatureTh3-s20cm, SoiltemperatureTh3-s10cm, SoiltemperatureTh3-s100cm, Soiltemperature45cm, Soiltemperature15cm, Soilmoisture60cm, Soilmoisture50cm, Soilmoisture40cm, Soilmoisture30cm, Soilmoisture20cm, Soilmoisture10cm, RelativeHumidity, Precipitation, LeafWetness, PyranometerCMP3outgoing, PyranometerCMP3incoming, PyrgeometerCGR3outgoing, PyrgeometerCGR3incoming and BarometricPressure A Previous version of this data was provided under containing the measured data and Version 2.0(this dataset) contains additionally the quality flags for each measured value and extended metadata. The dataset is also available through the TERENO Data Discovery Portal. The datafile will be extended once per year as more data is acquired at the stations and the metadatafile will be updated. New columns for new variables will be added as necessary. In case of changes in dta processing, which will result in changes of historical data, an new Version of this dataset will be published using a new doi. New data will be added after a delay of several months to allow manual interference with the quality control process.
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