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LPJmL5 Model Code

  • Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ
  • 2018
  • LPJmL5 Model Code
  • 10.5880/pik.2018.011
  • LPJmL5 is a dynamical global vegetation model that simulates climate and land-use change impacts on the terrestrial biosphere, the water, carbon and nitrogen cycle and on agricultural production. In particular, processes of soil nitrogen dynamics, plant uptake, nitrogen allocation, response of photosynthesis and maintenance respiration to varying nitrogen concentrations in plant organs, and agricultural nitrogen management are included into the model. A comprehensive description of the model is given by von Bloh et al. (2017, We here present the LPJmL5 model code described and used by the publications in GMD: Implementing the Nitrogen cycle into the dynamic global vegetation, hydrology and crop growth model LPJmL (version 5) (von Bloh et al., 2017) The model code of LPJmL5 is programmed in C and can be run in parallel mode using MPI. Makefiles are provided for different platforms. Further informations on how to run LPJmL5 is given in the INSTALL file. Additionally to the publication a html documentation and manual pages are provided. The LPJmL5 version is based on LPJmL3.5 that is not publicly available. The LPJmL4 version without nitrogen cycle but with an updated phenology scheme can be found on github (
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