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The GOCE-only global gravity field model IfE_GOCE05s

  • Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ
  • 2017
  • The GOCE-only global gravity field model IfE_GOCE05s
  • 10.5880/icgem.2017.006
  • GOCE
  • global gravitational model
  • IfE_GOCE05s is a GOCE-only global gravity field model, which was developed at the Institut für Erdmessung (IfE), Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany. The observations with a time span from 1 November 2009 to 20 October 2013 are used for the model recovery. The GOCE precise kinematic orbit with 1-s sampling rate is processed for the gravity field up to degree/order 150, while the three main diagonal gravity gradients are down-sampled to 2 s and used to recover the model up to degree/order 250. With two additional Kaula’s regularizations, the combined model “IfE_GOCE05s” is derived, with a maximum degree of 250. To develop IfE_GOCE05s, the following GOCE data (01.11.2009 - 20.10.2013) was used: * Orbits: SST_PKI_2, SST_IAQ_2; * Gradients: EGG_GGT_2, EGG_IAQ_2. None any priori gravity field information was used.
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