Data Publications

IndCoils_FGE - A software package for merging Fluxgate and Induction Coil data

  • Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ
  • 2017
  • IndCoils_FGE - A software package for merging Fluxgate and Induction Coil data
  • 10.5880/GFZ.2.3.2017.002
  • long term stability
  • DI-theodolite
  • Definitive One-second Data Standard
  • EMIC waves
  • IAGA 2002 format
  • Niemegk
  • induction coil magnetometer
  • magnetic observatory
  • magnetic pulsations
  • noise filtering
  • noise level
  • software
  • spectrogram
  • substorm
  • For frequencies above 30 mHz the instrument intrinsic noise level of typical fluxgate magnetometers used at geomagnetic observatories usually masks ambient magnetic field variations on magnetically quiet days. Natural field variations referred to as pulsations (Pc-1, Pc-2, Pi-1) fall in this band. Usually their intensity is so small that they rarely surpass the instrumental noise of fluxgate magnetometers. INTERMAGNET has set a minimum quality standard for definitive 1 s data (Turbitt, 2014) which can actually hardly be met by fluxgate magnetometers in use by magnetic observatories. Brunke et al. (2017) propose a method to improve 1Hz observatory data by merging data from the proven and tested fluxgate magnetometers currently in use with induction coil magnetometers into a single data stream. This data publication includes the according MATLAB software package implementing the merging of both data sets. The content of the software package and the functionality of each module is described in the content.txt file that is also included in the zip folder. The resulting data are in line with the INTERMAGNET format for 1 s magnetic data, but surpasses the INTERMAGNET 1 s standard by far. The long term stability of the fluxgate data is not affected. The changes to the fluxgate data remain within the range of the instrument intrinsic noise. In addition to the Matlab software, we provide test datasets of one day length kindly provided by the magnetic observatories Niemegk, Conrad and Eskdalemuir.
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