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Hydro-sedimentological dataset for the mesoscale mountainous Isábena catchment, NE Spain

  • Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ
  • 2017
  • Hydro-sedimentological dataset for the mesoscale mountainous Isábena catchment, NE Spain
  • 10.5880/fidgeo.2017.003
  • discharge
  • fingerprint properties
  • meso-scale
  • rainfall
  • soil spectroscopy
  • suspended sediment concentration
  • A comprehensive hydro-sedimentological dataset for the Isábena catchment, NE Spain, for the period 2010-2016 is presented to analyse water and sediment fluxes in a Mediterranean meso-scale catchment. The dataset includes rainfall data from twelve rain gauges distributed within the study area complemented by meteorological data of twelve official meteo-stations. It comprises discharge data derived from water stage measurements as well as suspended sediment concentrations (SSC) at six gauging stations of the Isábena river and its sub-catchments. Soil spectroscopic data from 351 suspended sediment samples and 152 soil samples were collected to characterize sediment source regions and sediment properties via fingerprinting analyses. The Isábena catchment (445 km²) is located in the Southern Central Pyrenees ranging from 450 m to 2,720 m in elevation, together with a pronounced topography this leads to distinct temperature and precipitation gradients. The Isábena river shows marked discharge variations and high sediment yields causing severe siltation problems in the downstream Barasona reservoir. Main sediment source are badland areas located on Eocene marls that are well connected to the river network. The dataset features a wide set of parameters in a high spatial and temporal resolution suitable for advanced process understanding of water and sediment fluxes, their origin and connectivity, sediment budgeting and for evaluating and further developing hydro-sedimentological models in Mediterranean meso-scale mountainous catchments. The data is available in .csv format folllowing the CUAHSI Community Observations Data Model (ODM) as .zip files via this DOI Landing Page and directly from the CUASI HIS Database via The data are available in four thematic zip folders: (1) hydro (hydrological data): water stage (manual readings and automatically recorded), river discharge (meterings and converted from stage); (2) meteo (meteorological data): rainfall, temperature, radiation, humidity; (3) sediment (sedimentological data): turbidity, suspended sediment concentration (from samples and from turbidity), sediment and soil reflectance spectra; (4) meta (metadata) with the description of the different datafiles relevant for this dataset according to the CUAHSI HIS Standards. For more detailed information, please read the user guide on cloud publications with the CUAHSI Water Dater Center (UserGuide.pdf) or the ODM guide for uploading data using CUAHSI´s ODM uploader (ODMGuide.xlsx in folder
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