Data Publications

Stress Map Iceland 2016

  • Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ
  • 2016
  • Stress Map Iceland 2016
  • 10.5880/WSM.Iceland2016
  • crustal stress
  • crustal stress pattern
  • in situ stress
  • tectonic stress
  • mid ocean ridge
  • The stress map of Iceland shows the orientation of the current maximum horizontal stress (SHmax) in the earth's crust. Assuming that the vertical stress (SV) is a principal stress, SHmax defines the orientation of the 3D stress tensor; the minimum horizontal stress Shmin is than perpendicular to SHmax. In the stress map the SHmax orientations are represented as lines of different lengths. The length of the line is a measure of the quality of data and the symbol shows the stress indicator and the color the stress regime. Data with E-Quality are shown without additional information as dots on the map. The stress data are freely available and part of the World Stress Map (WSM) project. For more information about the data and criteria of data analysis and quality mapping are plotted along the WSM website at
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