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Ground-based GPS observations at low elevation angles using open-loop signal tracking

  • Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ
  • 2016
  • Ground-based GPS observations at low elevation angles using open-loop signal tracking
  • 10.5880/GFZ.2016.1.1.002
  • atmospheric refractivity
  • global navigation satellite system (GNSS)
  • global positioning system (GPS)
  • ground-based obervation
  • open-loop signal tracking
  • propagation process
  • This data publication comprises (1) a one-year data set of ground-based GPS raw signal observations (inphase and quadphase C/A code correlation sums, NCO phases, pseudoranges) aiming at geometric elevation angles below +2°, (2) the "OpenGPS" receiver software and (3) MATLAB source code to access the raw data files. (1) ground-based GPS raw signal observations: Within the "GLESER" measurement campaign 2581 validated setting events were recorded by the "OpenGPS" open-loop tracking receiver at an observation site located at 52.3808°N, 13.0642°E (Potsdam, Germany) between January and December 2014. The instrument provided on average 8.3 observations per day with three data gaps (29 January to 1 February, 29–31 August and 18–22 December 2014) caused by hardware or software problems, operator errors or other technical reasons. Between 15 July and 6 September the "OpenGPS" receiver malfunctioned due to an operator error and 437 observations from that time period are removed from the data set leaving 2581 low-elevation events. Raw data files are stored in compressed tar archives each covering one week of observations. For more information see document "readme-gleser-dataset.pdf". (2) "OpenGPS" receiver software: The compressed tar archive "gleser-OpenGPS-src.tar.gz" includes (C code) sources of the OpenGPS receiver hardware. The receiver software is designed for "OpenSourceGPS"-compatible hardware (Kelley, 2002) and Linux operating system. During the 2014 campaign kernel version 2.6.32 (OpenSUSE version 11.3) with real-time extension module RTAI (RealTime Application Interface for Linux) version 3.8.1 was used. For more information see the document "readme-gleser-OpenGPS.pdf". (3) MATLAB source code: The compressed tar archive "gleser-readdata-src.tar.gz" contains a MATLAB function file that may be used to access the raw data files. For more information see the document "readme-gleser-readdata.pdf".
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