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Berlin-Urban-Gradient dataset 2009 - An EnMAP Preparatory Flight Campaign (Datasets)

  • Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ
  • 2016
  • Berlin-Urban-Gradient dataset 2009 - An EnMAP Preparatory Flight Campaign (Datasets)
  • 10.5880/enmap.2016.002
  • EnMAP
  • HyMap
  • classification
  • hyperspectral
  • imaging spectrometry
  • multi-scale
  • regression
  • support vector machines
  • unmixing
  • urban land cover
  • Berlin-Urban-Gradient is a ready-to-use imaging spectrometry dataset for multi-scale unmixing and hard classification analyses in urban environments. The dataset comprises two airborne HyMap scenes at 3.6 and 9 m resolution, a simulated spaceborne EnMAP scene at 30 m resolution, an im-age endmember spectral library and detailed land cover reference information. All images are pro-vided as geocoded reflectance products and cover the same subset along Berlin’s urban-rural gra-dient. The variety of land cover and land use patterns captured make the dataset an ideal play-ground for testing the transfer of methods and research approaches at multiple spatial scales. Version HIstory: This version of the Berlin-Urban-Gradient-Dataset was updated to account for errors in the spatial referencing. This included six updated header files (.hdr) and two updated shapte files. See details in the new version and the associated data report.
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